Bowser Parts

PETROL BOWSER PARTS Genuine original petrol bowser parts are becoming difficult to find. Please find gallery below of some of the many genuine original parts we have in stock. Most of these parts are “one off” items and only available as and when we are fortunate enough to come across them. Many other genuine parts in stock, availability upon request. REPLICA PETROL BOWSER PARTS Roadside Relics have supplied a wide range of replacement parts for antique petrol pumps over the past 24 years. Cylinders, gallon markers, hoses and nozzles just to name a few. Many of the parts available in the gallery below were the result of the tireless efforts of the late Mr Gregor Cox to assist Australian pump restorers to transform rusty wrecks back to their former glory. Some repro parts are not always available due to low volume production runs. Most parts shown are available for immediate delivery, many other parts are available upon request.